November Newspaper


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2014 Oregon Motorcyclist Voter’s Guide

2014 Oregon Motorcyclist Voter’s Guide

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October State Board of Directors Meeting

State Board of Directors Meeting
October 11, 2014
Ciddici’s Pizza, Albany, OR

Call to Order / Welcome:
The meeting was called to order by Joe Laurance at 12:07 PM with 10
chapters represented, all eligible to vote.
Excused Chapters: North Coast, Salem Continue reading

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Team Oregon and A.B.A.T.E in the News

American Motorcyclist Magazine Cover - Steve Garets and Joe Laurance

American Motorcyclist Magazine Cover – Steve Garets and Joe Laurance

A recent article about rider education placed TEAM OREGON squarely on the cover of American Motorcyclist – a national motorcyclist rights publication. The article explores the benefits and challenges states face when rider training becomes mandatory, and paints a terrific picture of Oregon’s motorcycle safety program. View or download a PDF of the article.
Also get more information by visiting Team Oregon web site

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Douglas County will meet in new location

Douglas County Chapter will now meet at The Loft (Part of Del Rey Cafe)
5669 N.E. Stephens St.
Winchester, Or. 97495.
Click here for more information.

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October Newspaper


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August Board of Directors Meeting

State Board of Directors Meeting
August 9, 2014
Wolf Creek, Oregon

Call to Order / Welcome:The meeting was called to order by Joe Laurane at 12:00 noon.
Chapters represented: 9 Chapters present eligible to vote: 8 (Douglas County not eligible)
Absent/Unexcused: SE Portland, Salem
Excused Chapters: Hub City
Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence: For Downed Brothers/Sisters and Service Men/Women.
Guests and First Time Attendees: Francois D’Abeney, Mary Mcarpass, Mike Richard, Jeff (Tako) Kosta, Steve (Coach) Ruth, Andy (Grumpy) Stratton, Jim Waggoner

Reading / Approval of Minutes: Motion made by Paul Hering to adopt as printed in the State Newspaper, seconded by Jack Wingfield.

Old Business

Coordinator’s Comments: Joe Laurance – Explained why he missed last month’s meeting (See August newsletter). Thanks to all for making the trip to SOS.

Secretary Report & Correspondence: Teresa Hepker – Newsletters from other states are available to anyone interested.

Vice-Coordinator North: Paul Hering – Thanks to all for coming, be careful going home.

Vice-Coordinator South: Pat (Spanky) Allen – Have been talking to people in Klamath Falls, and there is interest in reviving a chapter there.

Vice-Coordinator East: Rick Prentice – Rode 307 miles to get here! SOS is an enjoyable run for us. Remember to support each other’s events.

Treasurer: Karen Tolle – Checking $7719.29, Savings $18,429.43, PayPal $200.00. Grand Total $26,348.72. Final Fossil 2014 report: Revenue $15,885.00, Expense $8818.12.

Welcome to SOS, hosted by Douglas County, Josephine County and a number of Indian Creek members from the area. I have set up a mail box system for our board meetings. You can put flyers in for each chapter & officer, or just something for one chapter . Look for it at the front of the room each meeting. Chapters get your packets from your folder.

(X)Membership Secretary: Kathy Sahlberg – I will process the last of the outstanding memberships by the end of next week. If a member doesn’t get their card by the next week, I don’t have the information. My ABATE email address is functioning but my email is full.

(X)Sanctioning Officer: Robert Terrill – By now I should have all sanctioning paperwork for events until the end of the year, but I don’t have it all. Don’t wait! I will email a copy of the list of events to Karen for reconciliation. I need more information for the swap meet (Paul will get that to Robert).

State Auditor: Cindy Witmer – Report is in chapter packet. If a chapter has a question, please contact me.

News Magazine Editor: Rot Path – excused

Sergeant at Arms North: Randy Phipps – excused

Sergeant at Arms South: Lance Tolle – Have been talking to my chapter about the need for young blood in the organization.

Sergeant at Arms East: Robert Terrill – When you go to someone else’s run, volunteer for a couple of hours. You meet new friends and help lighten the load.

Products Director: Councilman Dave Meeker – excused

Education Director: V A C A N T

Public Relations Director: V A C A N T

State Run Coordinator (Fossil): Lynn DeSpain – absent

State Swap Meet Coordinator: Paul Hering – Swap meet flyer is ready. Am getting responses from vendors. Have room for 50 vendors: $40 for inside space, $30 for outside. I want to put out banners on Highway 26, see motion below. ABATE of Washington has canceled their fall swap meet.

Historian: Teresa Hepker – Am continuing to scan old newsletters, and when that is done will start on event flyers. If you have old flyers, please send them to the ABATE PO Box. If you don’t want to let go of your flyers, make photocopies & send those.

WebPage Editor: Carl Earl – excused

Quartermaster: Paul Hering – Will bring Coordinator & Secretary records to next state board meeting. State stage & equipment trailer are staying in Fossil. Sold the smaller water tank, asked if board wants to sell the bigger one. Consensus was yes, please sell it.

Legislative Director: Paula Leslie – absent

ABATE’s BikePAC Representative: Brian Stovall – I emailed a report for the newsletter/web but am waiting for financial report from last meeting. I went to Fossil for dedication of the National Motorcycle Riders’ Memorial at Shelton Wayside, as a BikePAC representative. Call to Action on September 17 in Salem: handed out a copy of the legislative action list, which can also be found on We need more members! Passed out trifolds/membership applications. You can also sign up on the ABATE or BikePAC webside using PayPal. Comment from someone at the meeting: ODOT trucks are not tarped, and shedding. Brian suggested checking the ODOT website for a complaint form.

MRF Representative: Brian Stovall – requested that Joe write a letter to MRF informing them that ABATE elected Brian as MRF Reop.

Confederation of Clubs Representative: V A C A N T

Unfinished Business:

Officer Vacancies: Education Director, Public Relations, Confederation of Clubs Representative

Jackson County Chapter has met all requirements for voting status. Chair Todd Sahlberg reported that meetings will be 3rd Thursday of the month, 6:00 PM at Motorcycle Madness, 1234 Court Street, Medford.

New Business:

Planning Session October 18-19 at VFW hall in Cottage Grove. Karen will ask Kay to call about setting up a block of rooms at the Comfort Suites. Friday night social hour at motel, Saturday planning meeting during day, Saturday night dinner and annual meeting at Pinocchio’s Pizza, Sunday special Board of Directors meeting to make decisions about recommendations from planning session. Need to publish notice of annual meeting in September newsletter.

ABATE state treasury will not pay for rooms, but will pay for lunch on Saturday. Ask your chapter if you need financial support to attend the planning session.

It was suggested that Officers terms be changed to two years. Issue referred to planning session.

Motion #1 – by Brian Stovall, second by Paul Hering – for $192 for banners to be used at swap meet and subsequent swap meets (not dated) and for up to $100 additional for other expenses. Passed 8-0-0

Motion #2 – by Paul Hering, second by Rick Prentice – to allocate up to $1000 to buy and print ABATE of Oregon hoodie sweatshirts, to be distributed through the Products Director. Passed 8-0-0

Next State Board of Directors Meeting: September 13, 2014. Cidicci’s Pizza, Albany, Oregon.

Governor’s Advisory Committee, Ted Tracy: So far we have had 28 motorcycle fatalities this year, 67% of the the fault of the motorcycle operator. Average age 46 years. 6 H-D, 1 dirt, 17 sport bikes. Jan. 1 next year, Team Oregon training will be mandatory for all first time motorcycle endorsements.

Karen Tolle: Thank you to all who came. Want to do SOS again next year? Please volunteer to help, we are short of people.

Upcoming events:
Sept 6 End of Summer Run WaCo
Sept 12 Bike Night, Douglas Co
Sept 13 Fall Poker Run, LoCo
Sept 15-17 Legislative Action Days, BikePAC/Salem
Sept 20 Teddy Bear Run, CentOr
Sept 25-28 MRF Meeting of the Minds, Kansas City, MO
Oct 5 Toy Run, JoCo
Oct 10 Bike Night, Douglas Co
Oct 18-19 Planning Session & Officers Elections, Cottage Grove
Oct 25 NCOM Convention/AIM, Portland
Nov 1 Fall Swap Meet, Hillsboro Elks
Dec 6 35th Annual Shriners Toy Run, Portland

Adjourn: 1:57 PM

Action Items:
Joe Laurance – letter to MRF
Karen Toll – ask Kay to arrange block of motel rooms for planning session

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September Newspaper


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Coordinator Comments

Joe Laurance state coordinator A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon

Joe Laurance
state coordinator
A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon

[ Note: State coordinator, Joe Laurance, received minor injuries while riding to the July state board meeting. ]

Actually I only sprained my ankle. Not bad for a contact collision, flight through the air, a hard landing, and twenty yard slide. The bike ghost rode for another 100 yards and was collected by a fiberglass cover to a natural gas meter with amazingly light damage. Released natural gas and spilled gasoline on site, forestalling my smoking the cigarette I badly needed, but probably prevented an explosion which would have leveled a good portion of north Eugene.
The left turning lady was very much concerned for my welfare, after the fact, and told authorities she was wholly responsible for the crash. Her insurer has been most accommodating.
The “take home” lessons from this incident is to dress for a crash as if you intend to have one, and when visiting an unfamiliar city make certain not
to impede impatient, homicidal, local drivers. They will make you pay for your impudence.
Team Oregon training is a must and helped minimize this incident. I have been very fortunate in that this is my first collision with another vehicle in a little over 300,000 motorcycling miles.
That same afternoon after arriving home I took the Hayabusa for a spin. Somewhat ironic, perhaps, that
I appear on this month’s cover of American Motorcyclist magazine standing next to Steve Garets of Team Oregon. God indeed has a sense of humor.
My swollen ankle makes riding difficult, but shouldn’t prevent my mounting a new Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT on the Hayabusa this afternoon.


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August Newspaper


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July Newspaper


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Photos from Fossil

All photos are courtesy of Matt Greenwood.
Thanks Matt

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